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Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Green Mile

Another brilliant movie by Tom Hanks! Tom Hanks appears as Paul Edgecomb, the guard of a Death row prison, where the execution is carried out by electrocution. The walk from the cell to the electrocution chair is called "Walking the mile" and the floor being green, its called The Green Mile. Paul's faith and sanity is deteriorated by the regular sight of people's life and death.

However, with the arrival of the giant, John Coffey ("just like the drink (Coffee)... but spelt differently!!", says John), things take a turn. John is convicted of murder of two kids but as the movie gets on, it becomes evident, without substantiable proof though, that he is innocent. Though a giant, Coffey is afraid of darkness!! He also has some "divine" powers to absorb other's illness and vent it out (as flies...). He uses this to heal Paul's urinary infection as well as a serious brain tumor of an old woman, but most importantly, to heal Mr. Jingles!!!

The movie turn light when Mr. Jingles appear in the scene. He is a..... a mouse! who makes his appearance in a good part of the movie. Eduard Delacroix (Del) pets Mr. J and brings out J's ability as a retriever!!!

The "rough" characters of this movie are :
1. Percy Wetmore, a horrible cruel guard who experiments the effect of not wetting the head sponge (wetting speeds up the conduction of electricity through the brain and helping to hasten the process of execution) Del's execution and also tries to kill Mr. J. However, John helps Mr. J to get back his life..

2. 'Wild Bill' Wharton: A troublesome inmate, trying to mock every one around and create all possible chaos. The guards have a tuff time dealing with him.

The "villians" have done a brilliant job to make themselves despicable. Man, did I curse them!! You have no idea!!

Though the movie was not believable due to the presence of some "spiritual" elements, the actors were splendid, and attention to detail was brilliant!! Another great "Hankie"!!


  • Very good movie, undoubtedly. Even though it was bordering on the supernatural, I loved the treatment. Moreover, it is something very very practical too. For Coffey comes as the "perfect human being".. everything is good abt him. But with him also suffering such a lot, jus brings out an analogy to the realistic stories of good ppl being made to suffer the most.

    Amazing movie!!!

    By Blogger ranga, at 1:43 PM  

  • I second you comments, Ranga. You mentioned what I failed to, regarding Coffey.

    By Blogger Sreeram, at 1:45 PM  

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