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Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Terminal

Another super "Hankie"!! Tom Hanks is impeccable in this movie with his appearance as Viktor Navorski, a down-to-earth and honest person coming to JFK airport from Krakhozia to fulfill his father request of getting the autograph of some jazz group's saxophone player. However, Victor gets stranded at the airport due to visa problems caused by his country being at war. He is neither allowed to go into the US, nor can he be sent back! He is caught at the airport due to a glitch in the rules!

However, he beats the expectations of the authority by not attempting any illegal ways to sneak out and converts his hitherto horrible fate to a pleasant experience, winning the hearts of every one in the terminal, including an elderly desi janitor. Enter Catherine Zeta Jones as a charming air hostess and he lights up her life as well.

Tom Hanks' acting excellence races Steven Spielberg's direction to bring ultimate enjoyment for the viewer. Also, they way Tom Hanks manages his foreigner-speaking-English is just amazing!


  • The terminal is a movie which can be best described as a funny idea stretched out for 2 hours . Tom Hanks makes it watchable .But neither he nor spielberg would count it among their better movies.In any case, If you have to choose between cleaning the septic tank and watching this movie,WATCH THE MOVIE.

    By Blogger prashanth, at 12:24 PM  

  • i dnt knw why ppl didnt liek this much ! but i loved it and with hanks was a delight watching the movie....his foreign accent was worth a praise !!

    By Blogger wild wolf, at 9:44 PM  

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