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Friday, March 25, 2005

Shall we dance?

Now, here is a beautiful Richard Gere - J Lo movie on dance. I have been wondering for quite some time at the English - style of dance. Never seemed to get the difference between waltz or rumba or tango or whatever... However, this movie helped in alleviating the ignorance a bit. Its all about ball-room dancing. An amazing movie that left me spell bound about the intricacies of dancing. A smooth movie, perfect for having an easy time. One of the few movies that I have seen which is, at last, easy on your adrenaline, yet is soothing. A movie that can relax you. No profound thoughts, no great "thrills", no shouts, no gun-shots... Perfect for some one who likes art. Smooth it is, slow it isn't.

A counter-talk on this movie by some is that its a bit girlish... Well, that depends. If dance is attribed to be girlish, then so is the movie, else it isn't. Anyways, it is not an "action" movie nor does have "rock" songs, which is precisely why I like it.


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