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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Truman Show

As the punchline in the DVD case of this movie says, "On the air, unaware"! Laughter-maker Jim Carrey leads a life without knowing that his life is actually a 24hr/day, 365days/year TV show. He is living in a man-made world, Sea where everything is set-up, including sunrise, sunset, day, night, weather... Advertisements in the movie is inserted by "characters" in the show talking about products they use!

Poor Truman (Jim Carrey) knows none of this until one day he feels some anomaly in certain people's reaction and the strange timing followed in certain mundane activity of some other guys. He sets out to leave his city via water, escaping the eyes of hidden cameras prying on him. However, to his greatest shock, he finds a wall instead of what he had believed to be as horizon!


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