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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Incredibles

Incredible, it really is!!! SAP and myself saw the movie without batting an eye-lid. And, went for an overkill by seeing it 3 times before we returned it. The cartoon-movie is starts with the era when super-heroes helped to save planet earth. However, their saving started infringing people's privacy (such as privacy to suicide!!) and they were all given alternate identities and was asked never to be "super" again. However, Mr. Incredible's quest to save the people can never be sated. Meanwhile, IncrediBoy, who once was a great fan of Mr. I turned into a rebel as Mr. I didn't let him join the club. Incrediboy, with no real super power, but simulates every power with his command over science, becomes Syndrome and sets out to kill every super hero. Mr. I too gets trapped. The rest of the story is his escape with the help of his wife ElastiGirl and their kids Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack. Mr. Frozone, buddy of Mr. I, comes to the rescue as well.

The entire movie is really captivating with adequate humor added.


  • even i loved this one and i realised tht anim movie show more emotions and it really captures u throughout the 3 hours.great movie !!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:41 PM  

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